Our Approach

Training courses methodology
All our training solutions are bespoke and are designed in conjunction with our business partners. The training solution design involves all angles from training material, practical examples, and live role plays, training assessments and designing an ROI model.

Coaching methodology
Our coaching methodology is focused on embedding the skills and right practices learned from our training courses. We also adopt an on the job follow up and training approach and plug it into the business offering a wide range of performance reports that is integrated in our partner’s HR Development framework.

Our consultancy services focuses on sales development areas and we only assign consultants who are industry relevant to our partners, to ensure industry relevance, best practice and maximum practical application with live role plays through our training sessions.

Our ROI Model
In such a competitive Learning & Development environment, all our partners want to make sure they are getting the development they deserve form investing in our learning & development solutions. Hence, besides using the best ROI models across the industry, we also plug into our partner’s data to show significant growth following our training activities, that would translate into a value whether the training is behavioural or functional.

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